Stroshe Recycle


Recycle of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials globally
Common Scrap Standard specification Packing
E-Waste Anything in electronics 20' FCL
Electric Motors Mixed Electric Motors from various industries 20' FCL
Compressors Industrial compressors (free of oil) 20' FCL
Batteries (RAINS) Drained/drycell whole intact Lead Batteries 20' FCL
Catalytic Convertors Standard 20' FCL
Zorba Mix of copper,aluminium, steel, zic, plastic 20' FCL
Cast Iron Skull Fe min. 90% 20' FCL
Ferrous Scrap Standard specification Packing
HMS #1 Wrought iron/steel scrap +1/4 inches thick 20' FCL
HMS #2 Wrought Iron/steel scrap, black & galvanized, +1/8 inches 20' FCL
HMS #1 & #2 Mix (#1, #2) 80:20 20' FCL
SS 304 100% clean pieces 20' FCL
Plate & Structural ISRI # 231 Plate & structural steel, Length: Max 5ft, Thickness: + 1/4 20' FCL
Shredded Scrap E40, E46 ISRI # 211 From Automobiles, Magnetically seperated 20' FCL
Clean Auto Cast Cast Iron Grade : Clean auto blocks, free of all steel parts 20' FCL
Rail Scrap Section tee rails size: +5 ft 20' FCL
Steel Slag Fe Min. 90% 20' FCL
Shoveling Turnings Steel & Wrought iron turnings, free of lumps,springy, iron borings and liquids 20' FCL
Non-Ferrous (Aluminium) Standard specification Packing
TATA Clean aluminium extrusion 6063 only. Bale 40' HC FCL
TOTO Mixed Aluminium extrusion 6063 & 6061 Bale 40' HC FCL
TALE Painted Sidings Bale 40' HC FCL
TABLET Clean Aluminium Lithographic Sheet Bale 40' HC FCL
TAINT/TABOR Clean mixed alloy aluminium Sheet Bale 40' HC FCL
TENSE Cast Alu. Auto castings 40' HC FCL
IVORY TENSE Cast Alu. Auto castings with 10-15% iron attachments 40' HC FCL
TOUGH TABOO Clean Alu. cuttings, uncoated and unpainted low copper alu. scrap Bale 40' HC FCL
TALLY Aluminium + Copper Radiators Bale 40 HC FCL
TROMA CAR/Truck Wheel RIMS Bale 40 HC FCL
TELIC Aluminium Boring & Turnings 40 HC FCL
TWANG Insulated Aluminium wire Bale 40' HC FCL
TALDEN: UBC Aluminium used beverages can 40' HC FCL
ZORBA Shredded non-ferrous scrap 40' HC FCL
Non-Ferrous (Copper) Standard specification Packing
Berry #1 Copper Wire extracted from motors Bale 40' HC FCL
Candy #1 Heavy CopperWire/Pipe Bale 40' HC FCL
Druid Insulated Copper Wire Bale 40' HC FCL